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Home is where the HEART is. 13 February 2018

It"s coming up to Valentine"s Day so we thought it would be heartless of us to not talk about love. For some of you this time of year is about being treated to a slap up romantic meal with an accompaniment of chocolate and flowers. For others it"ll be a time of sitting in the front room watching EastEnders with a TV dinner on your lap while your dog looks at you dismissively.... Read More

Renting out property – It`s a business not a love affair 13 February 2018

Renting out property – It"s a business not a love affair Valentine"s Day is fast approaching and our minds (well some of us) turning to thoughts of love, relationships and romance. Since opening in 2014 as estate/letting agent and property manager we"ve seen many times when people who have decided to rent out a property can"t ‘let go of it" emotionally.... Read More

Removing the risk of Cowboys 13 January 2018

Removing the risk of Cowboys I had a chat this week with someone who had built up and sold a successful removal company. I asked him a question which our clients at Taylor Walsh often ask us– How do you recognise a good removal company? He told me to be use the ‘Clint Eastwood" method when it comes to identifying a quality removal firm.... Read More

Less is more so kill the clutter 13 January 2018

Less is more so kill the clutter If you put your hand onto a hot stove you would not be surprised to burn it. That"s obvious I hear you cry. And if you go for a stroll when it"s hammering down with rain you"ll get soaked, right? Duh, of course, you"re now probably thinking ‘tell me something I don"t know".... Read More

Why short-term gain can lead to long term pain for landlords 11 January 2018

Why short-term gain can lead to long term pain for landlords We read an article recently which featured a letting agency encouraging its landlords to avoid rent increases and instead focus on keeping tenants over the long term. Apparently, this is down to an over-supply of property to let and political and financial uncertainty stretching into the future.... Read More

New Year, new you, new home? 11 January 2018

New Year, new you, new home? Happy New Year! As we welcomed in 2018 many of us turned our minds to our resolutions and how we will start changing our lives for the better. A national newspaper recently published a survey of the top 50 New Year"s resolutions made by the British public.... Read More

A Moving Experience – Our Checklist 05 January 2018

When you are moving home there is so much to remember. Once you"ve exchanged contracts there are still a lot of things to think about and to prepare. When you get your moving date the check list below will come in very useful. You are usually given a period of time between exchanging contracts and completion of your sale.... Read More

A Taxing Time of Year for Landlords 02 January 2018

For many people, the end of January can mean a frantic rush to get their tax returns completed and sent off to HMRC. Just last week we were reminded of how some landlords are less prepared than others when it comes to filing their returns. A friend of ours told me about a colleague who had owned a buy to let flat since last Summer but had only now just realised they need to be paying tax on the income they get from the property.... Read More

Fancy a £4m Christmas Cracker? 22 December 2017

As the season of giving is just a few days away I thought I"d share with you lovely people some of the most expensive Christmassy things ever. The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, has an enormous 13 metre, diamond encrusted Christmas Tree which cost £7m.... Read More

Meet Raquel 15 December 2017

You"re hired.. First thought that entered Jamie"s head when he met Raquel for the first time. Raquel is called "The Rookie" as she has joined Taylor Walsh as an apprentice to learn the business from the ground up. Raquel has so far jumped in with both feet and is answering the phones and dealing with client requests without any issues.... Read More

Behold the Boxing Day Browser 05 December 2017

It"s not that long now until December 25 as the TV, internet and radio reminds us on an almost by the minute basis. Excited kids, family gatherings, too much food, Sir Cliff Richard songs and repeats on the telly. A time full of traditions, some good, some not so good.... Read More

Budget Boost for the Milton Keynes Property Market 22 November 2017

The Chancellor Philip Hammond saved the best bit in his Autumn Budget to last when it came to the property market in Milton Keynes. Following more than an hour of outlining his financial vision for the country he grabbed the headlines by finishing with the announcement that Stamp Duty is to be abolished for first time buyers purchasing homes up to the value of £300,000.... Read More