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Meet Darren 19 April 2018

Darren Beckett, a true property professional, and now ‘The Captain" of his own ship in the form of a Taylor Walsh office in Lincoln. Darren already has a great track record for maximising his clients the most from a property, and with Darren on board, Lincoln now has a property company on the scene that people can rely on.... Read More

Talking Sense, not nonsense - The Estate Agency Jargon Buster 17 April 2018

Talking Sense, not nonsense - The Estate Agency Jargon Buster The world of estate agency can be full of mysterious and confusing jargon at times. The dictionary definition of it is below: Jargon: Special words and phrases which are used by particular groups of people, especially in their work and industry.... Read More

Meet Beth 17 April 2018

Meet Beth, or "The Concierge" as we like to call her. Beth is front of house here at Taylor Walsh so effectively the first person you"ll meet if you pop in to say hello. Beth works on the front desk of our Central Milton Keynes offices, and on a weekend she manages the diary and viewings for the property consultants, Beth ensures no appointments are missed and everyone that pops in is greeted with a smile.... Read More

Are you thinking it`s time for a change? 24 March 2018

The clocks go forward at the weekend. Or is it back? It never ceases to confuse me. The good news is the clocks in most people"s cars are now going to be correct, as most people I know didn"t make the changes to it the last time the clocks changed.... Read More

Public Service Announcement for Milton Keynes and surrounding villages 04 March 2018

I was speaking with a friend last week who lived in Brighton. He was complaining about estate agents. In particular about an agent who wanted to charge him for visiting his home and giving him a valuation for re-mortgage purposes at the time. My friend made it clear he wasn"t selling and the valuation was to be used purely as a comparison against his building society"s one.... Read More

If you`re happy, we`re happy! 28 February 2018

Every year the United Nations released the World Happiness Report. It"s a global survey to find which countries have the happiest and most contented people. In 2017 Norway came top followed by Denmark, Iceland. Switzerland and Finland. The Swiss aside it looks like our Scandinavian cousins are doing something right and finding the right balance as they regularly top the cheerful charts.... Read More


Looking for a better yield and capital growth? Well, Jamie our managing director is always searching for a good return for our clients, and over the last few years he"s watched one closely in particular. Long are the days you could find a repossession, buy it, decorate and throw a new kitchen in then sell it for a healthy profit.... Read More

`It was like a pig sty` 17 February 2018

"It was like a pig sty" The headline for this blog isn"t an announcement that we"ve moved into selling farms or rural properties. And it isn"t a reference to the state of my office desk as we keep a tidy, organised and efficient ship at Taylor Walsh and, for the record, our desks are spotless.... Read More

Home is where the HEART is. 13 February 2018

It"s coming up to Valentine"s Day so we thought it would be heartless of us to not talk about love. For some of you this time of year is about being treated to a slap up romantic meal with an accompaniment of chocolate and flowers. For others it"ll be a time of sitting in the front room watching EastEnders with a TV dinner on your lap while your dog looks at you dismissively.... Read More

Renting out property – It`s a business not a love affair 13 February 2018

Renting out property – It"s a business not a love affair Valentine"s Day is fast approaching and our minds (well some of us) turning to thoughts of love, relationships and romance. Since opening in 2014 as estate/letting agent and property manager we"ve seen many times when people who have decided to rent out a property can"t ‘let go of it" emotionally.... Read More

Removing the risk of Cowboys 13 January 2018

Removing the risk of Cowboys I had a chat this week with someone who had built up and sold a successful removal company. I asked him a question which our clients at Taylor Walsh often ask us– How do you recognise a good removal company? He told me to be use the ‘Clint Eastwood" method when it comes to identifying a quality removal firm.... Read More

Less is more so kill the clutter 13 January 2018

Less is more so kill the clutter If you put your hand onto a hot stove you would not be surprised to burn it. That"s obvious I hear you cry. And if you go for a stroll when it"s hammering down with rain you"ll get soaked, right? Duh, of course, you"re now probably thinking ‘tell me something I don"t know".... Read More