5 Top Tips from the Queen of De-Cluttering

Date Published 12 November 2019

If you did a quick survey in our office and asked us what's the number one tip, we could share with homeowners who want to get their property sold or let quickly and for a great price it would be de-clutter.
That's right. You've no doubt heard it before but the reason that's the case is because it's true.
No one wants to walk around a cluttered lounge, treading over piles of books or toys while imagining this as their new home.
Think of it this way - Space sells and clutter kills deals.
That's why we were so interested to hear about a bestselling book by Japanese organising expert, Marie Kondo.
Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering and Organising, sold lorry loads of copies and established her as the Queen of Clutter (well, de-clutter).
And here are five fantastic tips to turn your property into a place of order, serenity and one potential buyers will love.
Lesson #1: Think Categories, Not Rooms
Instead of tackling your bedroom or lounge think about de-cluttering categories rather than rooms.
Marie advises beginning with clothing, since it's the least emotionally loaded of one's things, books come next and old photographs are much later.
Tip 2: Say No to Too Much Nostalgia
Certain pieces of nostalgia are priceless. Special old photos, your kids school reports and love letters from your significant other (do people still send love letters?). But when it comes to crushing clutter you need to choose what you keep hold of very carefully.
Tip 3: De-cluttering IS Great
Marie's book makes de-cluttering sound as enjoyable as relaxing on a beach in the tropics with a glass of something exotic. Marie says you need to change your mindset from de-cluttering being deemed as a chore to something which is wonderful to do and will change your life for the better.
Tip 4: Fold up, Don't Hang up
Once you've sorted out the things to discard—and only then—you can decide where the remaining things should go. Rather than hanging in a closet, Marie thinks a lot of our clothing would be better off folded in a dresser.
Saving on wardrobe space which is often at a premium.
Tip 5: Feel the Love or Ditch it
Marie believes you should ask your self one simple question when it comes to keeping something or getting rid of it. Do you love it? If yes keep it, if no (especially if it is clothes) get rid of it.
So, there you have it folks – words of wisdom from the World's leading de-cluttering diva.

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