Date Published 23 February 2018

Looking for a better yield and capital growth?

Well, Jamie our managing director is always searching for a good return for our clients, and over the last few years he's watched one closely in particular.

Long are the days you could find a repossession, buy it, decorate and throw a new kitchen in then sell it for a healthy profit.

The problem in the UK is that ‘everyone's a property developer now', and this has pushed the repossession properties and auctioned property prices at a level they should be almost selling for on the open market (because if you buy a repossession or something at auction it's automatically a deal right? ‘NO')

So rather than flipping properties, more investors are now looking at ‘buy to let' which if you can get a good yield (buy low and rent out high) then you can still make money this way, but mainly money in the long run with capital growth, as the government has kindly changed the way in which landlords get taxed now and they demand a % of the entire rent, rather than just a % of the profit.

So, if you have a buy to let with a big mortgage on, you'll be lucky to make anything a month at all.

Plus to purchase a second property now you also get penalised with the added 3% stamp duty before you even start. So, a property at £200,000 would have cost £1,500 stamp duty, but if it's a second property, it will now be £7,500 for you! That's £6,000 more for just having the privilege of buying a property to rent out.

So, Jamie's advice to anyone with a portfolio already and can sustain the monthly tax, keep the properties you have because to replace it, it will cost you.

Is there an alternative? YES

For anyone wanting a good monthly return AND capital growth, there are a few very good options. Jamie has just spent a week in January actually checking one out personally to be sure of all the finer details. So, is it property? YES, does it offer benefits that buy to let in the UK doesn't? He believes so!

So where is it I hear you ask?


Jamie has a contact at Future security investments that has been selling properties in Cape Verde for the last 5 years and they have a proven track record. Their clients have seen the promised returns and are still reaping the rewards to date. Now if you are anything like Jamie was, and are thinking initially that it's too far away, ask yourself this question, how often do you visit the properties you rent out in the UK? Chances are unless you manage it yourself ‘because you rent it to a family member or someone you really, really trust to pay you every month' you don't visit the investment at all.

In fact, most landlords only ever visit a rental property they own if they have to spend a serious amount of money on it due to neglect, faults or damage.

So why is Cape Verde such a good alternative investment and a great option?

Here's a few reasons that I think you'll agree can't be sniffed at:

• All year round sun
• The most googled holiday destination in the world (as per google)
• Initial tax free returns between 8-12% (Depending on purchase)
• Guaranteed 7% rental income minimum once resort opens.
• 5 year re sale option (but can be sold anytime)
• Capital growth averages 7-11% PA
• Direct flights from all UK major airports
• Fully managed and hands off investment
• TRG have no bank borrowing (all owned out right)
• Proven track record
• 4 resorts already opened
• Huge demand for tourism
• Huge inheritance benefits by having the money in Cape Verde
• Exclusive deal with TUI guaranteeing occupancy at 85% minimum
• 5 more resorts being built
• Partners with the biggest names around (TUI, MELIA, GERALDEVE, HILTON, THOMAS COOK and many more)

So no more worries about getting a call on a Friday evening to say the boilers just broke. No more paying out your profits in tax. No more dreaded stamp duty to pay. No need to search for a good tenant.

The investment we are offering has great returns with a no hands on approach as they rent the suite/room/apartment/villa etc... to the major tour operators like TUI etc on your behalf and guarantee you the income.

The resort will also give you up to 5 weeks free usage a year too. WINNER!

LITTLE FACT FOR YOU.. (Did you know that when you go on holiday and check into your room, that the chances are an investor somewhere will own that room and the hotel owners are renting it from them and letting it to a holiday company)

Interested in finding out more? Give Jamie a shout on 01908 571555 or email for any further information.

Thanks for reading.