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Revolutionary marketing with Taylor Walsh

Want to stand out from the crowd?
Want to be able to compete with the new build properties?
Now you can, with Taylor Walsh

We will advertise your property with our premier marketing and carry out estate agency “as normal”. However, if a buyer comes along that is in a chain or not yet sold, we can chain break their property if needed, allowing them to be proceedable on your property.

This way, you don’t have to look at the price reductions of an outright purchase (approx 11-20% discount), it’s just a small fee of just 4% (which includes your solicitor fee and our fees for selling). If we find a buyer that is in a position to proceed without needing the chain break, we will continue as normal at the basic 1.5% fee.

The incentive is that buyers are not only proceedable straight away, they also have to agree to pay the asking price of which we market your home in order for us to buy theirs from them and chain break. (On average a seller would lose more than 4% of the asking price in estate agents fees, solicitor fee’s and accepting an offer).

A simple solution, for complete peace of mind.

Sell with Taylor Walsh and make your home visible to the entire market place, not just the small % that are in a position to offer now.

Example:    Taylor Walsh Chain Break     Standard Agency
Asking price   £200,000  £200,000
Fee %   £8,000   £3,000 @ 1.5%
Solicitors  Included  £800
Price achieved   £200,000  £195,000 (based on local 2015 statistics)
Timescale   Instant   ?
Price achieved   £192,000  £191,200

Our figures are worked out on a formal RICS valuation of a property.

Chain break costs to your buyers would be an 8% discount of the RICS valuation to proceed.

Outright purchase on a property would be an 11% discount of a RICS valuation of any property.