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Current viewing terms 07 January 2021

Please read the leaflet for our viewing terms at this current times.

Thank you Read More

Can I move in Tier 4? 19 December 2020

The housing market is to stay open across the UK, even in the new Tier 4 areas of England.

An announcement this evening from Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, made on Twitter, says: "Housing market update: the sales and rental markets remain open in all tiers.... Read More

Covid-19 appointment guidelines 14 May 2020

So, the government have let us loose again with guidance on how to proceed safely.

And we at Taylor Walsh want to highlight the word SAFELY, as we are very mindful that we are still dealing with a life threatening virus, and we want to make sure that we are doing everything possible to ensure we don"t play any part in allowing this to affect any of our clients or indeed ourselves and families.... Read More

Tenants (PLEASE READ) 23 March 2020

We hope you"re all well and staying safe in this uncertain time.

We have made the decision today to allow our staff to work from home to comply with the advice and recommendation from the government with regards to COVID-19, to try and minimise risk and infection to our staff, tenants, landlords and clients.... Read More

Jamie cements a new partnership for Taylor Walsh 03 February 2020

Last week Jamie Walsh, Managing Director, visited Doha in Qatar to meet with clients that were looking for homes and property investments in Milton Keynes.

Taylor Walsh has recently cemented a new partnership with Mr Mohammed Farghaly, CEO of House Hub UK, who lived between Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain for 17 years and now resides in Milton Keynes.... Read More


"Put my home on the market on Christmas Eve? Are you bonkers?"

I can hear you saying it now…but we are not bonkers, we are actually trying to position your home in front of the right audience, at the right time and ensure your 2020 gets off to a flying start!... Read More

5 Top Tips from the Queen of De-Cluttering 12 November 2019

If you did a quick survey in our office and asked us what"s the number one tip, we could share with homeowners who want to get their property sold or let quickly and for a great price it would be de-clutter.
That"s right. You"ve no doubt heard it before but the reason that"s the case is because it"s true.... Read More

How to handle offers on your property – in Five Steps 14 October 2019

Whenever people sell their homes with us at Taylor Walsh one of the questions which nearly always comes up from them is - How do I respond to offers?

Below is our five point advice on what you need to consider when deciding whether it"s an offer too good to refuse.... Read More

Celebrating 5 Years 12 September 2019

Today marks 5 fantastic years in business for Jamie and the team at Taylor Walsh property consultants, and what a great 5 years it"s been.

We"ve seen some changes in the industry over the 5 years and embraced these changes with open arms, the market toughened up meaning that estate agents had to actually be "estate agents" in recent times.... Read More

How to add value to your property - spare this idea some thought 04 September 2019

Do you have a spare room at home?
Is it the room which time forgot? Is it where everything ends up getting stored /dumped or simply forgotten about?
It could be housing a vast collection of luggage, boxes of ‘stuff" that"s bound to come in ‘handy" one day or it could be home to your collection of books you bought before the Kindle /iPad / E reader revolution.... Read More


Five Quick and Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

We"re often asked how people can add value to their home.
And there are plenty of ways. Some relatively cheap and easy, some costly and more difficult.

Most of us know that building an extension or installing new kitchens and bathrooms adds value.... Read More

The Biggest Questions Home Sellers Need To Ask 02 August 2019

The Biggest Question Home Sellers Need to Ask

Making the decision to sell your home and move is a big one.
Whatever the reason whether it"s down sizing, needing more space, wanting a better neighbourhood or to be closer to excellent schools it"s life changing.... Read More