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SELLING A PROPERTY? READ THIS.. The amount of properties we see, and people we speak too that have accepted low offers on their homes is just crazy! And all because they chose to ‘save money" by going with a company that can ‘advertise" their property for a cheap fee.... Read More

Five Tips to Avoid a House of Horrors 14 October 2018

Five Tips to Avoid a House of Horrors In this article we look at five things you want to avoid when selling your home. This infamous five will have prospective buyers fleeing your property as quickly as if they bumped into Freddy Kruger in your bathroom!... Read More

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter 25 September 2018

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter Would you like the good news or the bad news? Bad news you say? That"s not surprising as a recent Harvard University study found that when posed that question 82 per cent of people plumped for the bad news option first.... Read More

Meet Steve 19 September 2018

Introducing Steven Flower, one of our sales negotiators at Milton Keynes, Steven is known as ‘The Marvel" Not because he has superpowers or metal knives that extend from his knuckles anytime he gets angry, but because dealing with Steve you"ll hopefully be astonished, amazed and left in awe because he"ll actually listen to what you are after as a buyer, and hopefully finding your dream home will be a walk in the park.... Read More

Meet Charlotte 19 September 2018

Charlotte Cobain, Also known as Charley or ‘The Enforcer" as she is responsible for implementing and monitoring the processes which we have at Taylor Walsh to keep us up to date with all legislations. A key team member that is full of great ideas and support to everyone.... Read More

Celebrating 4 years 12 September 2018

4 years ago today I got the keys to my first little serviced office. Fast forward 4 years we have an incredible 3 story office in Central Milton Keynes that I work from everyday, and an office in Lincoln which is also doing phenomenally well since opening 6 months ago.... Read More

"IN BEFORE CHRISTMAS" 08 September 2018

"In Before Christmas" If you"ve ever done a long car journey with children, you"ll no doubt have heard; ‘Are we there yet?" And if you have ever had the misfortune to deal with a dodgy mechanic (Milton Keynes has plenty of good, honest, hardworking ones by the way) you may recall hearing, accompanied by a dramatic intake of breath ‘It"s the (insert a mechanical term you have never heard of) that"s gone.... Read More

5 Top Tips from the Queen of De Cluttering 21 July 2018

5 Top Tips from the Queen of De Cluttering If you did a quick survey in our office and asked us what"s the number one tip, we could share with homeowners who want to get their property sold or let quickly and for a great price it would be de clutter.... Read More

Don`t Be Held To Ransom By A Fee 07 June 2018

Don"t Be Held To Ransom By A Fee What ‘No Sale, No Fee" Really Means Traditional estate agents like ourselves seem to have stopped using the phrase "no sale, no fee", and this has allowed online only agents to gain a piece of the market. So here is a little reminder of what "no sale, no fee" means as far as we are concerned.... Read More

Questions To Ask An Estate Agent 01 June 2018

Questions to Ask an Estate Agent We received a call recently from a retired gentleman who had lived in the same house for more than 40 years. He was relocating to be closer to his family and was selling his property for the first time and unsure what to ask agents.... Read More

MK Marathon 08 May 2018

Huge well done to all the marathon runners that took part, especially in the heat. . . It was great to see all the marathon runners and really great to see all the water stops the organisers put out. It just goes to show that a well maintained machine (human or car) performs best when looked after and maintained when needed.... Read More

Our Secret Barbecue Recipe for Property Success 04 May 2018

Our Secret Barbecue Recipe for Property Success At Taylor Walsh we love a good barbecue. Nothing says ‘summer"s here" to us more than the smell of roasting charcoal, sizzling sausages and the clinking sound of ice in cold drinks. I"d like to think I"m a meat grilling maestro (although my friends and family might disagree).... Read More